Fred Weir: “Russian Media Is Angry and Desperate Over Biden Win”

I suppose Julia Davis is going to have to find a new gig…She’s had this regular spot in the Daily Beast, where she hyperventilates over tidbits she’s picked up from Russian state TV, which she spins to validate the belief that the White House is a fully-owned franchise of the Kremlin — and all the snide, smirking commentators on Russian TV spend all their time congratulating themselves about it. Unless Davis is also a close follower of Chinese media, the market for that sort of thing has probably gone quite dry.

Anyway, she’s totally wrong about the mood here. I just watched an NTV [very pro-government] news broadcast in which Biden’s “time to heal” speech was decently covered, the cheering pro-Biden crowds got plenty of play, Kamala’s sunglasses-and-smiles moment in the park got full view, and Trump’s defiant news conference and Tweets were covered without any charged commentary.

In fact, the Russian expert and media establishment long ago wrote Trump off as the hoped-for engine that would pull US-Russia relations out of the death-spiral and if they lately expressed any sympathy for him it was just because Russians famously adore a Village Idiot. [It’s no coincidence that Vladimir Zhirinovsky is one of Russia’s most durable politicians, though they’ve had the good sense never to give him any power]. Anyway, the default attitude in Russian media for months has been that things are bad and unlikely to improve no matter who wins the US election. And, like most US pundits, they were expecting a Biden landslide.

So, this is a complete figment of Davis’ imagination:
“With Joe Biden declared America’s newest president-elect, darkness descended over Russian state media this week.”

Russian Media Is Angry and Desperate Over Biden Win
“What is the world coming to?”

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