Announcement: Professor Nicolai N. Petro Joins ACURA Board

We are pleased to welcome Nicolai N. Petro to the Board of the American Committee for US-Russia Accord. Dr. Petro’s writings on Russia and Ukraine in The National Interest and many other publications have been regularly featured on the ACURA website since we started in 2015. Professor Petro will be holding a discussion of the role of nationalism and patriotism in Ukraine on Tuesday, April 13th, 2021,11:30 (EST) in Canada and USA: Link to ZOOM: Click here to access

From the Archive: “Russian Odysseys” Part 2 Featuring Stephen F. Cohen and Alexander Rabinowitch

Stephen F. Cohen and Alexander Rabinowitch Reflect on Six+ Decades of Scholarly and Personal Engagement with Russia. At Indiana University Bloomington they were interviewed by their wives: Katrina vanden Heuvel and Janet Rabinowitch.

VIDEO: Beyond a New Cold War w/ Russia: A Joint Briefing by ACURA and Just Foreign Policy

Katrina vanden Heuvel moderated a distinguished panel that included Governor Jerry Brown, Joe Cirincione, Cynthia Lazaroff, and Anatol Lieven. The panel reviewed the state of U.S.-Russia relations post-Trump and took a fresh look at how U.S. policy can utilize diplomacy to avert a new arms race, mitigate the chance of nuclear conflict, and revive a constructive U.S.-Russian relationship. The panel also reviewed key issues in U.S.-Russia relations and explored potential opportunities for Congressional engagement, including on cybersecurity, climate, Eastern Europe and NATO, and more.

PODCAST: Jack Matlock on America’s Unnecessarily Hostile Relationship With Russia

Jack Matlock, America’s second-to-last ambassador to the Soviet Union, talks to Scott Horton about relations with Russia today. He stresses that the real ideological differences that once divided America and the USSR don’t stand in the way anymore, and we need not continue to have a hostile relationship with a country that for the most part means us well. In fact, given that Russia, like America, has a huge stockpile of nuclear weapons, friendly cooperation between the two countries is far more important than any small issues like claims of election interference and personal insults between political leaders.

VIDEO: Lyle Goldstein and Aaron Mate: As US continues New Cold War, Russia and China forge new ties

In its opening months, the Biden administration has targeted Russia and China with belligerent rhetoric, new sanctions, and continued military provocations. Lyle Goldstein of the US Naval War College discusses how the US is inflaming the key flashpoints of Taiwan, Xinjiang, the South China Sea, Ukraine, and nuclear weapons, and how Russia and China are deepening cooperation in response.

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