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Putin – Trump meeting in Hamburg: what paradigm for development of US-Russian relations should we look for? (Gilbert Doctorow)

We do not have today an ideological divide driving the competition of these two powers, but we do have heightened and currently malicious or malignant competitiveness that can run amok. The objective is to agree on national interests of the sides, a polite way of saying the unspeakable in American politics, “spheres of influence.”

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US Risks Wider War by Downing Syrian Plane (Gilbert Doctorow)

Another U.S. military strike inside Syria — this time, shooting down a Syrian bomber — has escalated tensions with Russia, even opening the possibility that Russian anti-aircraft missiles will target U.S. warplanes, reports Gilbert Doctorow.

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Toward a new take on Russia (Edward Lozansky and Gilbert Doctorow)

From all indications, Moscow viewed last Saturday’s phone call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump as a successful first step that might well lead to a lessening of tensions between the two countries.

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Leery of Trump No Longer: Official Russia on the Trump-Putin Telephone Call of January 28th (Gilbert Doctorow)

In his 45-minute telephone call with President Putin on Saturday, January 28, Donald Trump appears to have kindled a very respectful and enthusiastic response from Official Russia. By that term, I mean the Kremlin elites in parliament, in the universities and think tanks, in the media upon whom Vladimir Putin depends for nationwide support of…

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