From the Archive: Kiev’s Atrocities and the Silence of the Hawks by Stephen F. Cohen

In light of the photographs that have surfaced showing the US military attache to Kiev, USAF Col. Brittney Stewart, saluting the grave marker of a member of the neo-Nazi Ukrainian battalion Right Sector, we publish Professor Stephen Cohen’s article from July 2014 which chronicled the wartime atrocities carried out by the American-supported government in Kiev.

VIDEO: The Scrum: A conversation with Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

Our conversation covered ground ranging from the proximate causes of the Ukrainian crisis to the “venality” of America’s foreign policy elite – those running “a predatory, crony-capitalist state in league with a national security state that finds its raison d’être in making war,” as the colonel not-so-delicately puts it. Wilkerson’s critique of U.S. foreign policy since the end of the Cold War is nothing short of devastating.

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